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How to Become an Early Riser

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Hitting the snooze button again and again in the morning is the norm for most people. Waking up late can start your entire day off on the wrong foot and cause you to rush around trying to get out the door on time. If you find that you struggle to wake up on time and would like to work on being an early riser, read these easy tips! Part of waking up refreshed is having a comfortable mattress. If you’re searching an amazing mattress that is created using recycled materials and designed to cradle your body, browse our Nirvana Bed memory gel mattresses today!

Decide to Get Up Before Hitting the Sack

Choosing to not hit the snooze button before even shutting your eyes is one of the most important decisions you can make. It’s hard to make a mature and informed decision when you’re groggy and trying to keep your eyes open, so secure an agreement with yourself to not snooze for 10 more minutes earlier in the day. Trust your willpower to help you to throw those covers off and hop right up.

Plan Out Your Morning

If you find yourself doing the zombie shuffle during your morning routine but not really getting anything done, take a few minutes to plan out your perfect morning so you don’t have to think about it before you’ve had your coffee. You can even plan it out in 15 minute increments so you can simply follow the list. You’ll find that it takes the guesswork out of your morning and increases your efficiency and speed at completing important tasks.

Reward Yourself

Promise yourself a special meal, a new outfit, a night out, or that movie you’ve been dying to see as an incentive to wake up on time for an entire week. Put it on your calendar and schedule it at the end of your week or as a fun weekend activity. You can even put the reward on a note to keep by your bedside so when you’re tempted to turn off your alarm, you’ll see it and choose to get up instead.

Put Your Alarm Clock Across the Room

While this may be a nuisance for the first few days, actually making yourself get out of bed to turn off your alarm clock may help you to wake up on time. You may hate this technique but it can truly be effective, especially if putting your feet on the floor is your least favorite part of waking up.

Open Your Curtains Immediately

Experiencing the light of day is hard for most people. Those first few moments of squinting in the early morning light may be painful, but sunlight is vital to waking up on time. Light stops the production of melatonin, which is the hormone that your brain produces at night to help you fall asleep. While you need to ensure that your room is completely dark at night so that your brain will produce optimum melatonin, you need to create the opposite environment to stop the production so you’ll wake up quickly.

Waking up on time can make your day excellent and productive. It can take an intense adjustment period and may make you cranky for a few days, but after your body adjusts, you’ll never want to go back. At Nirvana Bed, our job is to create a wonderfully comfortable mattress that will help your body to rest well at night. Don’t waste any more nights on an uncomfortable mattress. Order from us today so we can help you get the best night’s sleep!

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